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accessiBe is a game-changer in web accessibility, simplifying and streamlining the process to becoming accessible and compliant using machine learning and computer vision technologies.

What is accessiBe?

accessiBe is an AI-powered web solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities and compliant with the WCAG, ADA, and other international accessibility standards.

It’s an automated system that allows website visitors to optimize user experience so that everyone can access and enjoy your website content.

Did you Know?

  • 15% of the world identifies as having a disability
  • More than 6.2 million Canadians live with some form of disability
  • More than 4 in 10 Canadians with disabilities have a severe or very severe disability
  • Disability isn’t always obvious
* Source: Easter Seals Canada

A Game-Changer in Web Accessibility Compliance

Effortless implementation and remediation

accessiBe involves a fast installation of a JS code that scans, analyzes, and fixes accessibility compliance gaps in up to 48 hours. Upon implementation, accessiBe’s interface allows people with disabilities to adjust your website according to their needs, without interfering with a website’s codebase, loading times, UI, or design.

Ongoing compliance

After the initial remediation, accessiBe will re-scan and re-analyze a website every 24 hours to maintain ADA and WCAG compliance within any new content or pages that are added.


Automation allows accessiBe to significantly cut the costs of becoming compliant, and ultimately make the process of web accessibility, accessible. accessiBe costs as low as $490 per year per domain for websites under 1,000 pages, with additional plans for websites with more pages.

How does accessiBe Work?

accessiBe utilizes two applications that work together to achieve compliance:
Accessibility Interface and AI-powered Technology

accessiBe’s interface is a design and UI adjustment tool that is available to your website visitors. It makes accessibility modifications based on a user’s individual needs. All adjustments are compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA & AAA requirements. The accessiBe interface can be colour-customized to better suit your website design.

accessiBe widget interface

accessiBe’s AI machine learning technology uses contextual understanding and computer vision to address the complex, back-end requirements needed for screen reader and keyboard navigation adjustments.

accessiBe widget interface

Disabilities that accessiBe Covers

accessiBe enables website owners to serve users with a wide array of disabilities all in adherence to the WCAG 2.1 and worldwide legislation

blindness icon


Screen-reader  optimization for blind users

motor impairment icon

Motor Impairment

Keyboard-navigation  optimization for the motor impaired

motor impairment icon

Cognitive Disorder

Comprehension  adjustments  for people with cognitive disorders

epilepsy icon


Stopping  flashing animations  to prevent epileptic seizures

vision impairment icon

Vision Impairment

User interface and design  adjustments for the vision impaired

motor impairment icon

Hearing Impairment

Closed captions for the hearing impaired

Who Uses accessiBe?

Virtually any business with a website can benefit from using accessiBe.

accessiBe’s technology was developed as an affordable and easy solution for smaller businesses to make their ADA compliant websites. However, they have grown into one of the leaders in the automated accessibility space.

accessiBe has helped over 100,000 websites worldwide, including large enterprise websites and eCommerce businesses. Here are a few examples…

Six Flags   |   Pillsbury   |   Listerine   |   LA   |   Lakers     |   Porsche   |   Playmobil   |   General Electric    |   Lexus

Six Flags
LA Lakers
General Electric

accessiBe Pricing

Each plan includes all features. Price is based on page count* only.

Annual Billing – 20% savings

Monthly Billing

* A page is defined by a unique URL, not included parameters. Meaning if a page has URL parameters, all of them together is considered one page.
To verify page count, type “” into Google. The number next to “results” is your page count.

We can help make your website accessible!

At Creative PLANit, we are really impressed with what this set of tools can offer to any website owner; so much so that we have partnered with accessiBe to offer our clients some extra perks:

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Free Consulation

We’ll be happy to answer your questions and demo more features in detail

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7-day Free Trial

Evaluate what accessiBe can do for you and your audience, right on your website

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Free Installation

No hassle fast installation on your website by one of our web developers

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On your first year’s annual subscription

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