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Creative PLANit is very excited with our  new partnership with accessiBe to offer a great new service: Website Accessibility for People with Disabilities.

Much like accessibility in the physical world, online accessibility is crucial for people who suffer from any form of disability such as blindness, vision impairment, hearing or motor impairment, just to name a few.

According to Easters Seals Canada, as of 2019, statistics show that up to 15% of the world population have a disability. This translates into more than 6.2 million Canadians living with some form of disability.

This means that business website owners are potentially losing 15% of their audience if their website is not accessible.

Until now, ensuring accessibility compliance on any website has been a laborious, costly, and nearly impossible, process. This is due to the many design and coding considerations that must be considered to comply with all legal requirements imposed by global and regional accessibility standards such as WCGA, ADA, Section 508, and AODA.

With accessiBe’s web accessibility technology, we can solve this problem immediately and at a very affordable price (US$49/month or US$490/year for most websites).

accessiBe is an AI-powered solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities and compliant with the WCAG, and other international accessibility standards mentioned above. It allows website visitors to adjust settings on the website content to fit their specific needs (font size, colour variants, reading aids, etc.) via an easy-to-use, unintrusive widget, which can be accessed immediately whenever needed.

accessiBe on Creative PLANit Website

We are so impressed with what this set of tools can offer to any website owner that Creative PLANit has partnered with accessiBe to offer our clients immediate access to accessiBe’s solution, with some extra added perks:

  • Free consultation and demo
  • 7-day Free Trial on your own website
  • Free Installation on your website
  • Additional 10% off on the first year for all annual contracts

Please visit to see more information about accessiBe and how we can help you get your your website accessibility compliant right away.

Creative PLANit is a full service Toronto design studio specializing in the design and development of websites, branding, and marketing material.

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